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Sales & Leasing Program

It’s time to renew your laundry agreement and you want options.  We have the alternative you’re looking for.


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Make your Properties More Profitable and Better for Your Tenants 

Right now you’re saddled with the cost of utilities for your multifamily, on-premises laundry facility, but what do you earn? Just enough to pay the water, gas, and electricity. If a machine breaks, you’re the one to hear about it from your tenants. You’re the one that calls to get the machines fixed. If you’re doing all the work, shouldn’t you get all the profit?

Why not make tenants happier, make your property more profitable and take back control of your laundry?

Every Machine Equipped with Mobile Payment Technology

The Laundry Equipment Leasing Program delivers brand new equipment with mobile payment technology.  That means less work for your staff.  You won’t have to worry about collecting coins, have coins not work or making change for tenants any longer.  Our equipment installations are easy to manage and simple to operate making it the perfect solution for your facility.

Worry Free Part and Labor Warranty

Our laundry equipment comes with a complete 2-year wear and tear warranty on parts and labor.  You and your staff will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about the machines.  Your equipment will be clean, attractive and ready for use by your tenants.

Equipment Leasing Comes with Big Tax Benefits

We offer to flexible leasing options to maximize the tax saving potential.

Our Tax Lease Program gives you the ability to expense your lease payment every year throughout the duration of the lease. At the completion of the lease you’ll have an easy buyout option or can refresh all your equipment! It’s simple!

Our Capital lease program gives you the option to accelerate your tax options under Section 179 and deduct 100% of your lease the first year. At the end of the your lease you can purchase the equipment or renew your lease. It’s that easy!

Call us today to get started! (316) 882-7002